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IPO Updates: Campus Activewear & Rainbow Children’s Medicare’s IPO Will Be Open This week!

  • Campus Activewear, Rainbow Children’s Medicare and Rainbow Children’s Medicare will all open their IPOs this week for investor subscription.
  • Campus Activewear, a footwear brand, will host the IPO. It will close on April 28.
  • Rainbow Children’s Medicare, a chain of pediatric hospitals, will open its IPO in April 27. It will close on April 29.

Two IPOs have been launched after a lengthy pause due to extreme market volatility.
Two IPOs, Rainbow Children’s Medicare and Campus Activewear, are available for subscription this week. Both issues will bring in around Rs3,000 crore. Campus Activewear hopes to raise approximately Rs1,400 crore through its public offering, while Rainbow Children’s Medicare hopes to raise almost Rs1,580 crore.

Campus Activewear & Rainbow Children’s Medicare

IPO Updates

Campus Activewear reveals a premium price of Rs60 on the grey market

Campus Activewear, a footwear brand, will launch its IPO tomorrow (April 26) and close on April 28.

Rainbow Children

Through the public issue, the company hopes to raise Rs1,400 crore. The price range for the IPO is between Rs278 and Rs292 per share.
The IPO is a full offer for sale (OFS), of 4.79 million shares by shareholders and promoters of the company. The company’s shares are currently being offered at a premium of Rs 60 per share on the grey market.

Rainbow Children

Campus Activewear was founded in 2005 and is India’s most popular sports and athleisure footwear company. It is one of the top five most popular brands. In FY20, Campus accounted for approximately 15% of India’s branded footwear and sports market. This share grew to around 17% in FY21.

Issue Details

Allotment date May 4
Initiation of refunds May 5
Credit of shares to demat account May 6
IPO listing date May 9
Minimum lot 51


Rainbow Children’s Medicare requires a premium in the grey market of Rs 50

Rainbow Children’s Medicare, a children’s hospital, will open its Rs1,580 crore IPO in April 27th and close April 29th.

Rainbow Children

The IPO will include a new issue of equity shares of up to Rs280 crore as well as an offer sale for up to 2.4 million shares.

South India-based multi-specialty hospital chain, which includes obstetrics, gynecology, and pediatrics, operates 14 hospitals and 3 clinics in six cities. It has a total capacity of 1,500 beds.
The hospital chain employs 602 full-time and 1,686 visiting doctors. For high patient satisfaction, the company believes in full-time doctors.

Rainbow Children

It plans to grow the hospital network, and is currently building a digital delivery system that allows for healthcare delivery regardless of where it is located.

The majority of the proceeds from the IPO will be used by the company to establish new hospitals or purchase new medical equipment.

Issue Details

Allotment date May 5
Initiation of refunds May 6
Credit of shares to demat account May 9
IPO listing date May 10
Minimum lot 27


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